Billing Policy

  1. All bills for sewer and charges shall be rendered on the first day of February, May, August, and November, respectively, in each year, or as soon after the first day of said months as is possible and shall cover a quarterly billing period consisting of the immediately preceding three calendar months.
  2. Owners of Improved Properties connected to the Sewer Collection System during any calendar quarter shall pay a prorate sewer rate and charge for service for the balance of the calendar quarter.
  3. Sewer rates and other charges shall be due and payable upon the applicable billing dates as provided. If sewer rates and charges are not paid within the 30-calendar days after each billing date, an additional sum of 5% shall be added to such net bill, which net bill, plus such additional sum, shall constitute the gross bill. Payment made on, mailed and postmarked on or paid in person on or before the last business day of such 30 calendar day period shall constitute payment within such period. If the end of such 30 calendar day period shall fall on a legal holiday or a Sunday, payment made or mailed and post-marked on the next succeeding business day which is not a legal holiday shall constitute payment within such period. Interest shall accrue on any delinquent account at the maximum rate permitted by law which is currently 10% per year. Any and all payments received on delinquent accounts shall be applied first to interest and penalty accrued on such account, and then to the oldest outstanding gross bill, including any accumulated late fee and each remaining gross bill thereafter in chronological order.
  4. A 2% discount will be given if the sewer rental is paid one year in advance. In addition, monthly payments will be accepted and we do offer the option of automatic deduction from your bank account.
  5. At the end of two (2) quarters, if the bill is still unpaid, a civil complaint will be filed with the District Magistrate for collection or a municipal lien will be placed against the property. All costs associated with the Civil Complaint and the municipal lien, including but not limited to the costs, interest, constable’s/sheriff’s fee, and attorney’s fee will be the responsibility of the Owner of the Improved Property. If the bill remains unpaid, the Authority will proceed with the sheriff’s sale of the Improved Property.
  6. It shall be the responsibility of each owner of an Improved Property to provide the Authority with, and thereafter keep the Authority continuously advised of, the correct mailing address of such Owner. Failure of any Owner to receive a bill for charges due and payable shall not be considered an excuse for nonpayment, nor shall such failure result in an extension of the period of time during which any bill shall be payable. Failure of an Improved Property Owner’s payment to reach this Authority for any reason shall not be considered an excuse for nonpayment nor shall such failure result in an extension of the period of time during which the net bill shall be payable.
  7. On new connections, billing will commence when the Improved Property lateral is connected to MCCA’s main line, and once billing has begun for an Improved Property, rental unit, or mobile home it continues whether the unit is vacant or occupied.
  8. In the event a payment of sewer rates or other charges rendered by this Authority are returned by a banking institution for any reason, a charge of $30.00 for each instance shall be added on the property owner’s account. The Authority may also demand payment of the account by cash, certified check, bank draft, cashier’s check, or bank/postal money order. The account, which was paid by the returned check, shall be considered delinquent until full payment is rendered.
  9. Authority rules and regulations specifically require that bills be mailed directly to the owner of record and NOT to a tenant. Any agreement of payment between owner and tenant must be considered a transaction between both and in no way concerns the Authority. The property owner is always ultimately responsible for bill payment to the Authority.
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